7 life lessons from My Barefoot Journey in Bali by Cristina


7 life lessons from #mybarefootjourney retreat in Bali:

  1. Be grateful for everything you have, always, as often as possible! Appreciate and take full advantage of all the little things in life, that we sometimes ignore due to lack of time or due to our hectic life routines. They matter the most. Watch the sunrise and the sunset, stop and smell the flowers, enjoy their beauty, close your eyes and feel the wind, feel the grass under your feet, appreciate every smile of your dearest people, spend as much time as possible with the loved ones, feel the music, dance, and simply enjoy the silence.. It can heal, it can make you happy! All this makes us happy, we just don’t realize how much.
  2. Your life represents your attitude toward everything that happens around you. There are different situations in life, some make us happy, and some are less pleasant, we just have to understand that we cannot change certain things, but just accept, and move on. Our regrets and endless thoughts will not help us and will not change anything. So the only thing we can change is our attitude. Either you choose to work on solutions, or you go the negative way and get upset about it and waste valuable energy without finding a solution. You decide if you go up or you go down.
  3. Say “Thank you”, “I am sorry”, “I love you” every time you have the chance. This will change you and the quality of your life, will, first of all, make you feel much better. Also, people will notice it, you can serve as an example for others. Make this world better. Start with a smile and with “I love you”. Surround yourself with kindness, love, and forgiveness. Send love and love will come back 💚
  4. Visualize your biggest wishes and dreams, and believe in magic ✨✨ Our mind tends to focus more on what we don’t have or what we lack, rather than on what we want. By visualizing the goals that we want to achieve, we bring them closer to us, we help and train the mind to make room for the life changes we need. In this way, we can create the life we want and not one that is shaped by circumstances. This is how the Law of Attraction works 😊
  5. Don’t judge, don’t waste your time and energy on negative emotions, see the best in people. Don’t criticize yourself unnecessarily and don’t be too hard on yourself and others. Negative energy brings even more negativity into your life. Everyone was brought into our life for a reason. Try to learn from every situation and person and look for good qualities in people, rather than only seeing the worse. Learn to forgive yourself and others.
  6. Fear is our biggest enemy. It is all in our imagination. Don’t let it hold you back. Fear can be the most destructive and powerful emotion in life. It can stop us in making the right decisions, or any decisions and actions, it can limit our success, it can take all our energy. And it is all in our mind. Nothing is real. The key is to act despite of our fears and to concentrate our energy on the opportunities and on the changes we want to bring into our lives.
  7. Be here and now! Accept the past, you cannot change it, don’t think too much about the future, enjoy the present to its fullest. Our mind is sometimes full or regrets about the past or anxiety about the future, and this makes it hard to enjoy the present. By concentrating on “here” and “now”, we become calmer and happier. Meditate, breathe, and live every moment. There is no other way to live 💚