PARIS workshop! Self study and yoga practices, tools for a better living!

In this workshop we will go through some of the main yogic techniques that keeps our mind-body-spirit balanced. To control the mind we will do Swadhaya exercises, for the body- asanas, and for the spirit- some meditation techniques.

We will start our morning with a short immersion into yoga basics and yoga philosophy. Basically we will take baby steps together so this workshop is suitable even for the ones that had never had any contact with yoga and personal development.

SWADHYAYA (self-study) is the first step towards being in charge of our destiny, which is possible only when we are aware and in-charge of our Thoughts.

This is a workshop aimed at training ourselves to be aware of our thought processes, control them and there by harness our own latent potentials.

Before the workshop, we will start our “work” couple of days before meeting. I’ll send you some homework via email. Will also exchange some emails afterwards, just to check on the results, I’ll be there for you in case some questions arise.

  • Date: 08.07.2018 ; Duration: 08:00- 18:30 , 11 intense hours of theory and practice. Please come 20 minutes earlier so we can all start in time. Don’t have a full bfast, eat some fruits and keep your stomach light. We might finish half an hour later than planned.
  • A 50% advance has to be payed in order to book your place. A minimum of 10 people are required for the workshop to take place.
  • Price- send me a message for details about price
  • Language- English & romanian. If there will be only romanians in the group, we will speak romanian . If there will be at least one english speaking participant- I will speak both languages
  • Who can come?- anybody, no matter the language, sex, nationality, level of practice. So grab your friends 😉
  • What is included- snacks, tea, coffee, all workshops and classes, homework and support via emails, a support group on fb, where all the participants will get to share their experience before and after the workshop
  • Not included- your transportation towards the location, your mat, meals
  • What is necessary to bring- a yoga mat/or a blanket; your lunch, a notebook+pen, comfortable clothes.

If you are considering coming, you will get an email with the schedule, before booking your spot. I am very excited to meet you all and to share with you things I got to learn on my journey.

This workshop will be conducted by Crina Andrei ( yoga teacher, retreat organizer at My Barefoot Journey and diploma in yoga counselling level2 )