My Journey Charms – from Bali to you!

Silver jewelry, inspired by travel and made in Bali!

My Journey Charms is a collection of protective, intuition-enhancing and destiny amulets, talismans, jujus, you name it.

Travel, in all of its forms, has served as main source of inspiration for this line of jewelry, the purpose of these delicate, handmade charms is to remind oneself that the journey towards your own true essence is one of the most important and transformative experiences. My Journey Charms also work as reminders of this simple yet genius truth: if you put your mind to it, anything is possible!

Each talisman is also meant to represent a wish of yours. And because one wish is never enough, My Journey Charms are created to be worn together. You can wear them to channel good energy or to “catch” your wishes for you when you have your hands (and mind) full with other things.

The charms are designed to have distinct personalities and carry complementary messages, serving as guidance, insight and sometimes, as a piece of advice, while you create your unique journey.

Start your own journey today and mark this new beginning by wearing My Journey Charms!

My Journey Charms  – from Bali to you