My Barefoot Journey –  life changing retreats!

With the intention of forming a lifestyle and travel oriented community, My Barefoot Journey retreats are, ultimately, about your own personal journey. Retreat, spiritual journey, vacation – give it whichever name you wish, but keep in mind that it is so much more than this. My Barefoot Journey is meant for the people that don’t believe in standard holidays, nor in running after passport stamps or visiting tourist attractions just for the sake of it.

Each one of our retreats has a rather busy schedule, but it is totally upon you to decide which activities you want to join. Us, the My Barefoot Journey team, assure you that we will choose the most exotic destinations and will offer you unforgettable experiences.

If we were to sum up in just a few words what our goal is: all we wish for is that you leave our retreat a little bit happier, calmer and more at peace with yourself. We strongly believe that change in the world can start only with one person, that is why we strive to influence people during our My Barefoot Journey retreats, so that together we build a better world.

Who are My Barefoot Journey retreats addressed to?

  • A retreat is the perfect opportunity to turn your sight inward, towards yourself. Thus, if you have been feeling disconnected with the world surrounding you, but mostly, with your own person, My Barefoot Journey retreats are for you.
  • If you feel tension and frustrations building up, our retreats will help you get over them.

If you crave a change, a new direction in life or, simply, you need a break to spend time just with your own person, then My Barefoot Journey retreats can lend you a helping hand.



We travel, experiment, we feel and continue searching, but eventually, it all comes down to the attempt of finding meaning and making sense of the day to day life and bringing people together through life changing experiences.



Bali is believed to be the place where art was born and despite prejudice, balinese people don’t spend all of their time meditating or practicing yoga. They actually prefer expressing themselves through art. For them, art is the supreme form of meditation. So, we extend you a special invitation to get accustomed to another side of Bali and also to discover and grow your own creative side.




Why did we choose retreats instead of group holidays? Because a retreat’s purpose is to disconnect and one of our goals is for you to trust My Barefoot Journey retreats. Each journey will bring you closer to your pure self and it is one of the best opportunities to leave behind everything that upsets you.


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